Spotlight profile

Coming from the Isle of Wight, I spent a lot of time wishing to escape it so that my life would become exciting like the films I would watch. Now that I’m in Glasgow and life is exciting, I realise the beauty and sanctuary of simple country living and loving the land.

I was very dramatic as a child. One reoccurring memory is I would go under my desk, stick Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing on and cry and cry because it felt so good.

I’m not religious but I recently saw Patti Smith live and it was a spiritual experience.

If I could have a super power it would be to speak to animals…or to live in different eras. I love a bit of history. Especially Horrible Histories.

I recently gave up smoking which was one of my favourite things to do.”

What did you choose to perform for the Spotlight Prize and why did you pick it?

I chose Suzie’s monologue for my screen performance from The Girlfriend Experience by Alecky Blythe because I love how she uses humour to deal with difficult things she goes through – although she doesn’t view or admit that her life is difficult. She never sees herself as a victim although we as the audience can. She’s in quite deep because of her profession but it’s maybe towards the end of the monologue, when she’s least expecting it, that reality hits her and her body and emotions betray the happy facade she is trying to keep up in order to survive. I also love how despite everything she has been through, the monologue shows how she’s still soft and can see the best in everyone. I thought that would be quite beautiful and childlike to play.

I chose Chris’ monologue from My Best Friend because you can go quite big with it on stage. She’s funny but in a different way from Suzie, she’s not self aware, she’s offensive and extravagant. What you see is what you get and if she was your friend, you would be nervous  about what she could blurt out at any given moment because she says what she thinks. I also like how I don’t know whether Chris is making up or exaggerating this situation she’s recounting to her friends in the monologue. You don’t feel very empathetic towards her. It’s fun to play questionable people.

What’s your dream role?

I don’t have a specific role but i’ve always been fascinated by characters that descend into ‘madness’ or have mental health crises. Maybe Rose of Sharon from The Grapes of Wrath now and then maybe Medea in twenty years. 

I would also love to be in a Western. Gritty roles basically!

What kind of performer do you aspire to be?

Respectful, versatile, fearless and forever learning more about the craft.

What have you recently watched, read or listened to that inspired you?

Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley (season 3) in the cafe when she catches her sister lying. That scene, let alone the whole series, secured Sarah Lancashire as the best screen actress of our time in my eyes. Writing why that performance is so pivotal and raw and why it inspired me is too hard to put into words.