Spotlight profile

“I’m a 23-year-old guy, born and raised in Dudley, the Black Country, trying to navigate his way through the world and ended up falling into acting. Up until the age of 20, I was never interested in the arts, had never seen a play and was about to go off to university to study chemistry until one night, at work, I said to myself “I want to be an actor.” I applied to 10 different drama schools and to my amazement got offered places at nine, this cemented it for me, I’d chosen the right path! 

Fast forward to now and I love acting, I’m about to graduate ArtsEd and have never looked back. I love films, especially sci-fi and fantasy, and I’ve always wanted to be a Jedi (or Sith), but I never actually thought I could do it. 

I’ve had the luxury of playing different characters, entered exciting worlds, met so many different people and learnt all about the industry. Who would say no to that?”

What did you choose to perform for the Spotlight Prize and why did you pick it?

Screen: Blackta by Nathaniel Martello-White. This monologue holds a lot of value to me as it was my audition piece when applying for drama school. It was one of many pieces I had read but I just knew it was the one. The sheer confidence of Black, sharing his dream, a dream that isn’t straightforward, black or white but the shades that come in-between. Anyone that can sell you a dream is someone worth listening to.
Stage: Nicole by Mark Harvey Levine. Initially I was attracted to the play due to the unique topics it explored as well as its blatant comedy which is portrayed through the character of Barry. As much as I loved the humour, I found that digging through the script line by line and unearthing details a bit like a detective brought a whole new sense of enjoyment. I guess that’s what actors are – detectives of people. Even better if they can make people laugh!

What’s your dream role?

This is a tough one. I love a variety of films and I have always been drawn to villains. My favourite of all time is The Joker. But if I had to choose, it would have to be Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. I’ve always been captivated by the complexity of his character, the internal struggle between good and evil, and his emotional journey. One aspect of portraying him that truly excites me is the opportunity to showcase his incredible lightsaber combat skills. I mean come on, everyone wants to wield a lightsaber.

What kind of performer do you aspire to be?

I have a burning passion to make a mark in the entertainment industry. I aspire to be versatile and dynamic, keeping audiences on their toes with different characters. My goal is to create a legacy that resonates for years to come, cementing my place among the celebrated actors who created inspiring and fresh new roles that people can still enjoy to this day.

What have you recently watched, read or listened to that inspired you?

The book Will by Will Smith has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. Not only is he my favourite actor but his storytelling and profound insights resonate with me. Will has shown me the power of resilience, self-discovery, and the importance of staying true to oneself.