Spotlight profile

I have grown up all my days in my hometown of Dundee in Scotland. I am a mum to two boys and I spend most of my time looking for lost things (as all mums do!) Having the boys means we spend most of our time outdoors playing, mainly football. I didn’t really stick in at school and decided after having my second son to retrain. I was drawn to acting and at college I discovered my love for performing. It’s been a crazy journey from starting college to finishing at Queen Margaret and I am excited for whatever comes next!”

What did you choose to perform for the Spotlight Prize and why did you pick it?

I chose Iphigenia in Splot as I recognised some of myself in Effie and her story stuck with me from the moment I read the play. I love Gary Owen’s writing and how he gives working class characters a voice. Effie goes on such a massive journey in the play. In the moment I’ve picked, we meet Effie towards the end of her journey, which I think gives me a lot to feel as an actor and share to an audience.

What’s your dream role?

There are so many! But, if I can only pick one then it has to be Sarah Connor from The Terminator – she is one badass lady!

What kind of performer do you aspire to be?

Honest and consistent, growing and learning with each new role. Theatre is my first love but through my time at QM I found myself being drawn more to screen. I hope to work in any way I can.

What have you recently watched, read or listened to that inspired you?

Last year I saw Moorcroft, which was written and directed by Eilidh Loan, it was one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a long time. The writing and the performances were incredible! I love anything with strong female characters and I have recently read Wolfie by Ross Willis and Prima Facie by Suzie Miller – two brilliant plays.