Spotlight profile

Hi! I’m Nina, I’m a Persian/Norwegian actor living in London. I started going into musical theatre at the age of 12 and I developed an interest in both singing and acting. After working on stage and on screen for a few years, I decided to move to the UK in 2019 to study. Apart from performing, I like to spend my time working out, learning languages, and travelling.”

What kind of actor do you aspire to be?

A believable one!

What performance piece did you choose for the showcase and why?

For screen, I chose Suzie’s monologue from No One Can Tell Me How to Start a Revolution by Luke Barnes. After reading the play, Suzie’s character intrigued me a lot. Her tendency to open up right before shutting down again is something I wanted to play around with and was immediately drawn to.For stage, I chose Rosie’s monologue from The Things I Know to Be True by Andrew Bovell. Just from reading it once, I knew I wanted to take on the challenge. A clear vision of how I wanted to portray her story just landed right into my lap!

What book, theatre, film or TV production has most inspired you?

Barry is a TV show that inspires me a lot. Not only is the directing and writing great, but the performances are so raw. It reminds me of the importance of presence in acting, letting go of control and trusting your instinct.

How do you keep creative?

If I need creative motivation, I always watch or listen to something – be that a movie, play, podcast or music. Other than that, I have been experimenting with writing and directing as well. The beautiful thing about this industry is that I can never imagine being bored because there’s so much creativity to explore and learn from.

What is the dream role you’d love to play?

I’ve always wanted to play the antagonist, mostly because I want to tackle the challenge of understanding the mind of a “villain”. Exploring that in musical theatre would be a dream!

What do you hope to be doing this time next year?

This time next year I hope I’m an established actor in the industry surrounded by supportive artists I can observe and learn from.