Spotlight profile

I grew up in Mullingar which is a small town outside of Dublin, Ireland. I’d been involved in some small theatre roles when I was younger, but ended up becoming distanced from it because of school, life, etc. I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2018 where I picked up screen acting as a hobby and fell back in love with it. I had to return back to Ireland during the pandemic which gave me a chance to reassess life and decided to pursue acting in a more serious way. I then found my way to Bow St and haven’t looked back since!”

What did you choose to perform for the Spotlight Prize and why did you pick it?

My screen piece is from the series Bojack Horseman. I really loved the writing and how the story was brought to life. There is an element of dark humour involved, which is an area I tend to find myself gravitating towards when looking for pieces. 

My live piece is from the play Little Gem by Irish playwright Elaine Murphy. I loved the idea of the subject of the monologue being a scenario that women face every single day. Simple stories can often be the most compelling, and relatable which made it stand out to me. 

I really liked how both monologues ended up having a kind of family theme in them but were then completely contrasting stories. One talking about the beginning of life, and one about the end of life.

What’s your dream role?

It’s so hard to narrow down as I feel that it is something that is constantly changing and evolving. But one of my favourite films in the past year was The Banshees of Inisherin, so I would say anything with Martin McDonagh involved would be a dream right now!

What kind of performer do you aspire to be?

A working one! No but honestly, just to have the opportunity to work in an industry I’m passionate about is exciting in itself, I’m ready to see where the journey takes me and enjoy the moments along the way.

What have you recently watched, read or listened to that inspired you?

Succession. One of my favourite shows ever; the Roy family truly broke my heart in every way possible. I’ve also recently been getting getting into short films, which I find a really interesting side of filmmaking. One I watched recently that really stood out was the Irish production Ciúnas.