Spotlight profile

“I was once made to face the wall for dancing enthusiastically during a recorder lesson.”

What kind of actor do you aspire to be?

Fearless. Truthful. Hard working. Think that sums it up.

What performance piece did you choose for the showcase and why?

I chose to do a piece from Simon Longman’s play, ‘Gundog’. 

I knew I wanted to do this piece from the start. It’s about rural life and that’s what I know. Simon Longman captures the reality of living somewhere which is both so peaceful and isolating in equal measure. And I find Becky’s character hilarious. She has a real ‘get on with it’ attitude and a blunt sense of humour- two things I have grown up around and take comfort in. 

I’d love to see more stories told about female farmers. Their role is sometimes romanticised or misunderstood. Becky’s character reminded me of the mighty women I’ve grown up with- those who look after 4 children, shear 100 sheep, track down a missing cow and maintain a sense of humour!

What book, theatre, film or TV production has most inspired you?

I’m just going to say Victoria Wood. I grew up watching ‘Two Soups’, ‘Acorn Antiques’, ‘Wood and Walters’- anything Victoria Wood did. ‘A Fairly Ordinary Man’ makes me laugh every time I think about it.

She taught me the art of observation and how not to take yourself too seriously whilst still putting your all into your work.

How have you been keeping creative during lockdown? 

Luckily, I managed to get back into drama school to do my final third year play- ‘Vinegar Tom’. I loved every second. It was a joy to be back working as a company- albeit at a 2m distance!

And earlier in lockdown, I wrote and made a Beckett inspired short film called ‘Soil and Dirt’. One very cold filming day included sitting atop a hill wearing little more than vegetation. Need I say more!

What advice would you give for anyone else preparing for a showcase?

Don’t try and guess what people want to see. Be true to yourself and go with your gut instinct.

What do you hope to be doing this time next year?

Working on something exciting with people I can learn from.