Spotlight profile

“At night when I’m about to fall asleep, I have to have my head under the pillow”

What kind of actor do you aspire to be?

One that isn’t afraid to play and explore different things about myself and the world around me. I want to be an actor that commits fully and whole heartedly, I want to be an actor that gives back in anyway possible.I want to be an actor who’s young at heart.

What performance piece did you choose for the showcase and why?

Just as I was about to give in this monologue found me, to put it simply it was just like finding the perfect outfit of the night out, yes there was other things in the wardrobe but nothing that excited me as much as when I found this one, it gave me a buzz and I was excited to share that with the audience.

What book, theatre, film or TV production has most inspired you?

This is a tough question there’s so many… I refuse to choose but gun to my head There’s a film called “The Hunt” which tells the story of a small town and the power of words. I adore this film as it depicts what it really means to be human, the movie is fantastically written directed and the actors blew me away. I think the stories we tell each other need/ should help us grow as humans regardless of if it’s a comedy or tragedy. A close second is a French animation called Fantastic Planet check it out!

How have you been keeping creative during lockdown? 

Well I was a student all throughout the lockdowns so I had my peers to keep me sane and when zoom life got a bit much, I started to take my self seriously as a writer and director. I am now proud to say I have an RTS Award for the short film I created with a bunch of talented people check it out its called “I can’t breathe this is the cry of my people”

What advice would you give for anyone else preparing for a showcase?

Just remember why you do this, because you…we love it! and with that in mind go and have fun, we are the fortune few who get to know what it is we want/ Destined to do in life why waste that? The jobs will come, the people will come – God’s got you.

What do you hope to be doing this time next year?

Working as an actor!
I wanna be running around people’s screens playing a fairy or something, or back stage getting ready for curtain call.