Spotlight profile

My name is Lillia Squires and I am 21 years old. I fell in love with musical theatre when I was nine, and it’s been my passion ever since. I graduated in July, and I’m so excited to start my life as a fresh grad!”

What did you choose to perform for the Spotlight Prize and why did you pick it?

I chose to perform Bex’s monologue from LIT. When I first read this piece, I was overwhelmed by the amount of emotion within it. I love the idea of throwing myself into roles that I can sympathise with, and felt as though this character’s depth and range of emotions was exciting to me as a performer.

What’s your dream role?

I would love to play the role of Sophie in Mamma Mia!. Since I was young, I’ve always loved Mamma Mia! because of how fun it is. The music is amazing, and the character of Sophie is one which I think would be really exciting to play. I also can see similarities between my relationship with my mum and Donna and Sophie’s, and I think that’s why I’ve always loved and resonated with the character.

What kind of performer do you aspire to be?

I aspire to be a performer who brings joy to people. I think the reason I enjoy theatre so much is because no matter what’s happening in your life, for two and a half hours you can forget about it all and get lost in another world. I would also love to be the type of performer who can make someone’s day even a tiny bit better. My goal is to inspire people!

What have you recently watched, read or listened to that inspired you?

Wicked is the one show that, however many times I see it, will always inspire me. I watched it recently for the fourth time, and I loved it just as much as the first time! It’s such a talented cast and I definitely feel as though it’s a show which I aspire to be a part of one day.